Fixed Price Specials

All Prices INCLUDE Materials, Labour & Vehicle Charge.

No surprises. Nothing else to pay except GST.

We will confirm the price with you before work starts.
(Additional charges apply for after hours service – please call for details)


toilet installation Hawke's Bay

Toilet Pans


Supply and install from

  • Includes new pan connectors and flush-pipe rubbers

Toilet Cisterns


Supply and install from

  • Includes new cistern, toilet seat, flush pipe, flush-pipe rubbers and water connections

Toilet Suites


Supply and install from

  • Includes all new pan and cistern, new pan connector, flush-pipe, flush pipe rubbers, toilet seat and water connections

Replacement of taps

We only use GREENS, FELTON or METHVEN mixers.

Made in NZ to NZ Standards, for NZ conditions.

We also repair and replace a large variety of Shower Mixers, Shower Heads, Slide Rails, Shower Hoses, Hose Taps (garden Tap)

Mini-Stop Isolation Valves (for toilet cisterns and mixer taps with flexible hoses).

Replacement of Mixer Taps


Supply and install from

  • Basin Mixer
  • Sink Mixer
  • Laundry Mixer

Replacement of taps (pair)


Supply and install from

  • Basin
  • Sink
  • Shower
  • Bath
  • Washing machine
  • Laundry



Supply and install from

  • Bath faucet
  • Sink faucet
  • Laundry faucet

mixer tap installation Hawke's Bay

Hot water cylinders

Hot water Cylinders Rheem

Replacement of hot water cylinders


Supply and install from

  • Standard 180L

Replacing faulty valves


Supply and install from

Overflowing vent pipe and storage


Supply and install from